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Ememem & the flacking

Born on a damaged sidewalk in 2016, Ememem is one of those sons born out of the asphalt who has disorder running through his blood. In arts events or undercover by moonlight, he repairs the street and the hearts of those who tread it.... 

To formalize its style and technique, Ememem invents the term of «flacking», from the french word «flaque» (puddle), and flacking is commonly used today to designate this new "art of repairing holes".


His sidewalk’s plasters illuminate the wounds of the urban fabric. They are part of daring street art and contemporary art while recalling the traditional Japanese kintsugi, the art of repairing while enhancing.

bijou pour trottoir3.jpg

"Bijou pour trottoir" Nantua, Ememem, 2021

haphazardly, we come across a work, and surprise seizes us by the radical break with street codes. Polychrome compositions burst gray bitumen,the outlines are unique, and unusual materials are diverted from our private spaces or from the archaeological imagery of the ancient mosaic.

IMG_0602 (2).JPG

Flacking devant le Musée Gallo Romain de Lyon. Ememem, 2016

Works arise from under the asphalt, as if they had always been there, buried under our contemporary conventions. Were they already there before? Who made them? How? So many questions that lead to others on the standard, urban development, but also more tenderly, on the care given to what is damaged and the role that we can give to our public spaces.

paris 2020.jpg

Flacking Beaubourg, Paris, Ememem, 2020

In workshop, Ememem creates replicas of the sidewalk plasters, and they are exhibited in galleries and international contemporary art fair. His works have been exhibited at Paris Art Fair with the Galerie Italienne (Grand Palais éphémère, 2021), Urban Art Fair with the ErbK Gallery (Paris, 2020), as a Solo Show in Lyon (2020, 2019, 2018) and as a collective exhibition at "Ceramic NOW!" (Paris, 2021), "Low Tech" Meyrin (Geneva, 2021), and "Nuart" (Stavanger, Norway, 2018).


Sant'oro nero, série Grandes Reliques, Ceramic NOW! Paris, 2021

Blason d'étude pour le corps de ferme de Lozanne

Blason, Galerie Fluxus, Lyon, 2020

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